Welcome to your personal guide to setting goals that fully resonate with you.


In other words, get prepared to create goals that resonate with not just who you are (as an individual, a team or organisation), but what you want to achieve.


Each section has some prompts to work through to help get you ready for setting goals which are tailored not only to what you want to achieve, but are also tailored to what you need for yourself!


Take your time. Let yourself sleep on it.


This course has been designed as a journey over days (or weeks if that’s your preference) rather than devoured in one sitting. Too often we rush through things and yes, I definitely do it too – looking for the quick answer.


The truth is, the answers lie within us, and we need to give ourselves time to discover, to listen, to dwell and reflect, and to identify what we need to help us move forward and into our future.


I recommend booking time in for yourself – at least 10 minutes, perhaps up to an hour – each day and ideally at the same time.


Not surprisingly perhaps, but as we create rituals of reflecting within ourselves it becomes easier to be more aware of ourselves overall. Not unlike sharing a phone number with ourselves to let us know what’s going on at any time we need it!

This space is designed to be a guide where you can work through all of these preparatory activities and we recommend a journal to keep all your thoughts together - and add anything else that comes up. I’m a big believer in the importance of doodling or free-thought drawing so enjoy the space.



Are you ready to start Goal Setting?

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